Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sweet Candy Birthday Party

Balloons that look like hard candy and striped candy sticks for pillars made the house look like something out of Candy Land.
Is there a sweet little girl you know who is having a birthday soon? How about having a candy themed birthday party? This was a party I designed for my niece Meredith. If you like the idea too, you can find the invitations, tags, labels and more in the Word Doc Sweet Candy Themed party templates from my etsy store here. Many thanks to my sister Alex who again let my imagination run wild and was a willing partner in crime to our many obsessive party decorating ideas. Click here for a DIY on the candy mosaic shown above the dessert table.
Balloons wrapped in cello and tied to white painted dowels lined the walkway.
This is a painted and glittered foam disk wrapped in cello. A fun alternative to a wreath.
Dont' skimp on the candy colors!
Shortbread cookies decorated with bold shapes and candy colors. These are secured into foam and filled with jelly beans for favors.

Candy stickers on yellow cups helped the girls know which cup was who's.
A fun birthday cake banner. The cake inside was rainbow layered. I can't believe I don't have a photo of that because it was most impressive.

Custom drink labels for some sweet drinks.

Toothbrushes and toothpaste to counter-act the candy consumption.
The girls made their own candy mosaics, just like the big on above the dessert table.

Candy bracelets to take home too.

Mom had a cute candy accessory of her own too!

Playing "dots". Each dot revealed a riddle about candy that the girls had to answer.


  1. So fun and colorful! Love the idea of party activities/projects doubling as take-home gifts. The candy bracelets and that toothpaste/toothbrush favors are too cute!

  2. Hey! That is amazing! May I ask how high the ballons are? My friend wants me do to similar ones for her birthday...

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