Thursday, July 26, 2012

Neon Pink Tablescape

I keep wondering if 'tablescape' is an actual word, or one that I made up. Anyone know?

I've been interested in the neon trend and had some ideas brewing in my head for several months now. Since I had a little free time this week I thought I'd try to get one of the ideas out of my head and into reality.

My approach to this trend is that a little neon goes a long way. I kept things simple with tiny touches like the slim neon pink bow (it's lanyard actually!) tied around the linen napkin (purchased from Crate and Barrel here) and placed on a table of white and linen textures.

I decided to contrast the fabricated aspect of the neon pink with very earthy and natural elements. The 'place card' is a strip of neon pink artist's tape (similar tapes found here) with raw ripped edges. The repurposed glass bottle vases are painted with neon pink accents (I'll do a tutorial on Friday on those) and filled with pastel field flowers like zinnias, queen anne's lace and green hydrangeas. (An aside confession for those who think I spent money on the flowers; these are the only flowers I have in my garden right now that haven't died from drought and I snagged the queen anne's lace from a roadside patch while walking the dog.) The vases are interspersed around a piece of drift wood (thank you, Ohio River). Overall, I'm diggin' this look!

I'll also be posting some cute shower and birthday party invitations to go with this neon pink theme. Stay tuned!


  1. Love it! I don't call it neon - it's Barbie pink and always in style. :)

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  3. Beautiful and timeless pairing:Neutrals/grays and pink!
    I don't call it neon either.
    The pink reads deep raspberry on my screen.


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