Monday, July 7, 2014

Hello from Oh So Pinteresting!

Are you a fan of Pinterest? One of my favorite and informationally packed podcasts and blogs is Oh So Pinteresting. Cynthia Sanchez has made a career out of helping people make more of their Pinterest accounts than just eye candy. I've used it successfully in my business for over 2 years now (such LONG time in Pinterest years, right?) and wrote about it in this guest post on her blog.

Here is a link to my Pinterest boards created to enhance my clients' event with much more than the invitations. I pin decor ideas, links to tutorials and resources for products that make the planning and decorating of the event easy-peasy.

Friday, June 13, 2014

More beautiful hand lettering from Jenna Blazevich

Jenna Blazevich does it again: incredible hand lettered typography AND a sweet gift. I received this in the mail this week and had to share. It makes me remember how nice it is to receive sweet little notes and more importantly, makes me want to give some of my own. Only mine will never look as good, but it's the thought that counts, right? ;o)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Obscura Wedding Invitation and Styling

I finally have some beautiful professionally shot photos (thank you Ryan Kurtz) from the Cincinnati Magazine Summer 2014 feature at Obscura in Cincinnati, Ohio. The colors used were from Pantone's Spring 2014 Color palette, shown here:
The women from Haven Cincinnati were the ones to style that amazing dessert table. Didn't they use a great variety of formal and natural vessels and risers? I'm still obsessed with those gold touched marshmallows. I'm selling the invitations here in my Etsy shop and I pulled together some styling and wedding decor ideas in this curated board on Pinterest.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Baseball, Blue and Tweed: Ben's Bar Mitzvah Invitation

Ben's style requests for his Bar Mitzvah theme were baseball, blue and a custom logo. His mom had some aesthetic ideas too: handsome, classic, colorful. Could we put those together and make everyone happy? Of course we can! And we did.

I created a tweed pattern to mix with the clean, modern fonts. And did you see what I did there with the shape on the logo? (It's the shape of a baseball base!) Not being a baseball lover, I actually had to look up what exactly the baseball bases looked like. Lame, I know. :o) As always, the inserts and RSVP cards were coordinated with the invitation so it looked like a cohesive package of fun. Thanks Marnie and Ben!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Navy & Gold Wedding Invitation

Ah, another favorite invitation of mine is in the mail so I can finally share it to you. The gold foil is super on trend right now and adds such an elegant sparkle to the dark navy card. I also like mixing the hand-calligraphy of the bride and groom's names with the classic fonts. Madeline had a wonderfully clear vision for her wedding: Navy blue, classic styling and bold stripes of hot pink and white. I think a clear vision makes decision making SO MUCH easier on all brides and party planners. The back of the invitation had the pink stripes, which were also the pop of color on the envelope liner when guests open the invitation.

My good DSLR camera is currently MIA. Please cross your fingers for me. I think I know where it is but I can't get there until this weekend. When it is back in my grateful little hands, I will take GOOD photos of the entire suite because this invitation definitely deserves much more than an iPhone photo!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My gold foil and calligraphy invitation featured in New York Magazine, Wedding Issue!

Well, it is very exciting that my gold foil and calligraphy invitation created for now newlywed featured in New York Magazine, Wedding Issue! I don't have the issue in my hands yet, but the bride and I conspired to get her brother from New Jersey to get the copy and send a photo of the spread. Again, one of my all time favorite invitations gives me more joy! Brilliant work by calligrapher Jenna Blazevich and beautiful, bold style by newlywed Jen Trokhan Patterson. Woohoo!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Using Creative Printing Techniques for a Mission Impossible Themed Invitation

One of my favorite clients I work with is the Southwest Ohio Chapter of JDRF. The JDRF Gala is the number one gala in Cincinnati and it is orchestrated and organized by the most incredible group of volunteers I have ever seen. I truly feel honored to be a part of such a great group of people and to be working for such an important issue as Type 1 Diabetes.

This year's gala theme is full of excitement and intrigue with the Mission Impossible concept turned "Mission Possible". High tech gadgets, secret codes and explosive entertainment will be a part of the evening. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out lenticular prints for part of the invitation. Lenticular printing allows for 2 or 3 changes in image on one surface. I played up the code breaking idea with the invitation to the after party.

I've never used lenticular printing before so after sweating bullets before opening the box of invitations, I was very happy to see the results. And I was even more impressed that I was able to capture the video and load it onto my blog. Will wonders never cease? ;o)

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