Monday, May 18, 2015

Julie's Outdoor Wedding Invitations

I thought I'd share some recent invitations I created for sweet Julie and her new husband Hal. Julie and Hal got married at a small event with very close family and friends, then invited their larger group of friends and family to celebrate with desserts and dancing afterwards.

This required several invitations that all coordinated together. Here are some beautiful photographs of the wedding invitation and the programs taken by Amanda Donaho Photography. These are available for purchase on my Etsy shop. You can find more outdoor wedding decor ideas on this Pinterest board.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Star Wars Themed Bar Mitzvah

The Star Wars fun was galactic at Emmett's bar mitzvah! It started with a really fun invitation that was both elegant and full of Star Wars movie references. I consulted with my Star Wars geek (I say that with admiration and affection) word-smith Jeb Brack, who helped bring the fun into the invitation text. My favorite part is the custom logo that looks like the movie titles and the classic "moving through space" format of the wording.

But I'm going to brag on Emmett's mom and dad here, because they did a ton of work finding the right thematic elements to add fun to the party without going overboard. I did a little consulting, but honestly it was just some hand-holding to let them know that they already had some great stuff going on. They encouraged guests to dress in thematic costumes, brought in the Storm Troopers as live photo booth props and kept the dancing going all night with a fantastic DJ.

Here are a few photos I took from the party with links listed at the end of this post. I've got a Star Wars Pinterest board with more vendors and Star Wars theme decor ideas to inspire you. Purchase or request invitation quotes via my Etsy listing here.

Host cards in black envelopes led guests to their seats, labeled as Star Wars planets instead of numbers.

Light sabers, tea lights and a scattering of star glitter created a galactic view that was simple to assemble.

Table numbers were Star Wars planet travel posters.

A close-up of the "no flowers" table decor.
Emmett's sister Grace was dressed to impress.

Yes, that's an R2D2 skirt!

Another Padawan in attendance.

The DJ had a stellar light show to go with his own Star Wars costume.

Nothing gets people dancing like a disco Storm Trooper...

Storm Trooper photo op!

These cookies looked and tasted amazing. Seriously, the talent!!
Vendor list: R2D2-inspired skirt from Rooby Lane, DJ Toad, similar Star Wars Planet Posters from Harknett Photography, similar glitter for the tables. The cookies were made as a favor for this party only. I believe the Storm Troopers were from Ohio Garrison. Photo booth TBD.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Gold Foil Wedding Invitations!

Loving the touch of sparkle that gold brings to your wedding decor? Me too! I've got several invitations available that use the gold foil with my hand drawn calligraphy style for your names.

Here is the latest design I've uploaded to my Etsy shop. This bride used hot pink and medium pinks as accent colors. Do you love?

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Being busy is good when you are a one-woman entrepreneur in the invitation business. It means I get to meet more of you, celebrate with you and make your invitation wishes come true. It sometimes means I don't reach out as much though. All of my clients are wonderful, kind and creative people and you are all make my "work" a soul-satisfying joy. I wish you all a wonderful year and hope there are many more blessings that you will celebrate together.

With so much gratitude,

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Navy and Gold Wedding Invitations

I know I've already shared this invitation with you but my client just sent me the photos of the invitation taken by Mint Photography Austin and I had to share again because they are so much prettier than mine! :o)

I've also added this invitation to my Etsy shop here.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Country Wedding Save the Date

This save the date for a country wedding has the most gorgeous illustration on it! The bride and I decided that the location of her wedding at her family farm was so unique and special to her family history, that it should be highlighted in the save the date. I contacted Christina Wald, who is a professional book illustrator and asked her to create something for Emily's save the date. Of course, she exceded our expectations with a stunning colorful and historically accurate painting. We are using the scanned artwork in the save the date (as you can see here) and also in the invitation. No doubt, we will not stop there and possibly use it on the sweet tags for the home made apple butter favors too. The best part? The bride is going to frame the painting and present it to her grandparents as a gift.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hello from Oh So Pinteresting!

Are you a fan of Pinterest? One of my favorite and informationally packed podcasts and blogs is Oh So Pinteresting. Cynthia Sanchez has made a career out of helping people make more of their Pinterest accounts than just eye candy. I've used it successfully in my business for over 2 years now (such LONG time in Pinterest years, right?) and wrote about it in this guest post on her blog.

Here is a link to my Pinterest boards created to enhance my clients' event with much more than the invitations. I pin decor ideas, links to tutorials and resources for products that make the planning and decorating of the event easy-peasy.

Pin Me!


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