Friday, July 27, 2012

DIY Friday: Lace painted bottle vases

In yesterday's post, I created a tablescape using some neon pink bottle vases. The process was very easy, so I thought I'd share it in a few quick photos.

I have begun a habit of saving nicely shaped bottles after the condiment or drink is consumed. In my world, you just never know when a craft idea will hit. One must always be prepared and be sure not watch hoarders to feel guilty about this need to be prepared.

First, take off the label by soaking it in water and then scrubbing it with your fingernail until the label is clean off.

Then, wrap a 10" paper doily around the top of the bottle and secure it tightly with a rubber band.

Stick a dowel into the grass and place the bottle upside down onto it and spray with spray paint. I do not recommend that you have your daughter hold the dowel as she is very unreliable and will drop the bottle in the grass. And clearly you have noticed that I did this one in gold, which I later decided to spray over again with the pink. The gold photos didn't look good at all.

Et voila! A super cheap, kind of pretty little vase!

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