Thursday, August 2, 2012

Covet Garden is inspiration

Although I received the link to the latest issue of Covet Garden yesterday, and had to wait until my tea and toast this morning to give it the proper viewing it deserves. And what a lovely way for me to start an otherwise hectic work day! Covet Garden is an on-line magazine and blog highlighting homes that are decorated by the people who live in them, not professional interior designers.
Love the starfish over the door!

The photography and magazine design is charming, poised and so relaxing to view. Perhaps it was the calming tea, but I found myself resting on each page and really looking into the photo to reveal the beautiful details captured by the camera. I also enjoyed delving deeper into Heather's world, even beyond her beautiful home. We meet her family, see her in her unique style in her favorite clothes, her favorite food, her studio. In a manic world of  quick! show a little bit of everything! it was a joy lingering longer on a lot of something. Beautiful work!
This drink just makes me want to invite the girls over!

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