Friday, July 20, 2012

DIY Friday: Dip Dye Bottle Vases

I've been saving some nicely shaped bottles from the recycling bin lately because I'd been wanting to try painting a color on the bottom. The neon pink spray paint I bought at an art store in Savannah is patiently waiting for me to pull the trigger. What has been stopping me? Well, I just wasn't sure I'd like to see the stems of the flowers. Having written that out just now, it sounds like a really pathetic excuse, doesn't it? I am so visual (dare I say I have visual A.D.D.?) that those things really stick in my craw. And I cannot start any project that I don't have a clear vision for, either in my head or in a photo.

So, I was super relieved to see (literally) that I could possibly eliminate the distracting green stems by simply using one flower. How simple and understated! My muse was Stephanie Bond from her blog Bondville. There are some more dip dye projects on her blog here if you're feeling the crafty urge this weekend.

And by the way, is everyone on vacation but me? It seems like that! I'm all working so hard in my studio basement and everyone's Facebook pages are showing beach pictures.

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