Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Best. Event Supply. Website. Ever.

Well, my party throwing friends, you are really going to be excited that I shared this site with you. I stumbled upon it last night at the end of the day and before I knew it, I was clicking all over and saying things aloud to myself like "Oh my gosh!" and "Pin that!" and "holy crap! THAT'S where you get those!"

The site is called and it is truly the most comprehensive event planning supply website I've encountered thus far. Someone described it as Oriental Trading Co. for adults, but I think that the quality and style of their products is so much better.

Here is the photo that got me to the site. I just purchased some great antique bottle boxes and saw those cute bottles that might just be perfect inside them:

Then my little adventure took me to the moss page and "Oh my gosh!" there were choices of moss balls, moss poles, moss covered rocks (fake and real) and this fabulous find. I'm going to be wrapping it on a huge letter for a wedding decoration.

I started to feel anxious and overwhelmed because at this point, I knew there would be great discoveries in every category and I wondered if I would ever be able to see it all. I checked out the linen and burlap favor bags I was researching for a client and not only found several styles and textures of the little bags, I found this cool silverware bag.

Then I discovered these wood flower beauties. Aren't they gorgeous? I can see them in a simple wood vase on a cream and white table setting. Or mixed with a touch of Scandinavian red.

I just sent one of my clients there and she reported to me this morning that they had literally EVERY thing she was looking for from flower petals to wagon wheels. What do you think? Are you going down that rabbit hole today? You know you want to...

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  1. Great tip-thanks Margot. Love the blackboard/chalkboard section they have. This might be dangerous!


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