Friday, July 13, 2012

DIY Friday: Yarn wrapped vases

These yarn-wrapped vases were part of my Family Reunion decorations. I really wanted to bring in that striped pattern somewhere on the tables and experimented with this technique. I think I'm still on the fence about whether I love it or not. Sometimes I look at them and think they look great in a bold and modern kind of way, and then other times....well, I'm just not so sure. But what the heck, you have to try and not every project wins a Tony Award, right? Right.

I will say that now I've broken the yarn vase seal, so to speak, I can imagine it on other projects. I've seen objects wrapped with twine and rope and those look good. Maybe a combination of white and beige cotton string? Given that this project requires very little in time and materials, it's worth experimenting. If you don't like it, but want to keep the bottle or vase you were using, you can just unwrap the string and start over. No harm done.

I think these bright colored yarn bottles would look cute with some yarn pompoms as "flowers" for a crafty birthday party too.

Here is a photo collage of the basic steps.

A bottle or vase (clean, but labels can still be attached since they will be covered up later)
Yarn or string of your choice
Tape gun
Tacky glue

Use your tape gun to place tape strips placed about every 1 inch from the top to the bottom of the bottle. Then put some tape horizontally along the base and top of the bottle.
Keeping the string attached to the ball, start at the base of your bottle and attach the string edge to the tape. I angled that string tail upward so it would be covered by the next rows of string. This way you do n't have a frayed tail hanging out. Continue along the rest of the bottle, switching colors as desired. You can use the tacky glue to tuck the last tail of string under and keep it hidden. It's super easy and fast.

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