Saturday, February 21, 2009

Eye Candy

One of our favorite things to do here at the retail store is design the storefront window displays. This one is themed "Eye Candy" and we installed it for Valentine's day. I was desperate for color that was not the classic red and pink, and we wanted to be able to stretch the window design beyond the 14th. The base of the display was built with wooden boxes painted white. The large glass apothecary jars (I got these at Target) are filled with 1.5" gumballs in a variety of colors which enhance the brightly colored custom invitations set inside. We also added more color and visual variety by covering clear acrylic display stands with our printed decorative papers. The paper globe hanging lights echoed the round gumballs perfectly. The rest of the display is filled in with colorful products like our U-Pick clipboards, Skeem candles, and Eeboo children's stationery with a candy motif. And just for fun, we had a "Guess How Many Gumballs are in the Jar" contest (winner received a $25 gift certificate) inside at the check-out desk. Lindsay was the driving force behind the assembly of the display, and she was the one who "papered" the windows using watered down Elmer's glue and colored tissue. She did a super job and I'm sure she'll look forward to scraping that off for the next window. ;o)

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