Friday, March 6, 2009

Just so you all don't think I only want to talk about MY work here at Margot Madison Stationery, I must post this about my friend and amazing artist Kimberly Applegate. She started this aspect of her career as an artist a year (or more?) ago and it has been an amazing thing in my opinion. Small paintings (6" square) painted often make for bites of beauty at a small price. She also sells the prints after the paintings are sold. Wouldn't they make a lovely grouping?

This painting reminds me of my sweet Grandpa Arnold Gross, who introduced me to mid-century modern furniture, architecture and art. He had this chair in his office, which (in the early years before he worried more about smoking as a bad habit) smelled of the most delicious pipe tobacco. I took his extraordinary sense of style for granted (didn't every grandparent have bright orange tulip chairs and table in their breakfast room?) and didn't realize how fortunate I was until in college at the bauhaus museum in Germany and saw much of his furniture on display.

Anyway, back to Kimberly. I highly recommend signing up for her painting notices. If you're not ready to buy, just looking at her clever chair and painting combinations will be inspiration enough.

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