Monday, June 1, 2009

From Inspiration to Creation

With "contemporary vintage" being a big trend these days Margot and I have been wanting to incorporate lace into one of our creations. I started looking for inspiration by doing random dives on the web. I came across an image of a chain linked fence that had taken the traditional pattern and incorporated a lace design into it. (Leave it to the Dutch designers to create something so cool! Demakersvan)
This contemporary spin on lace was exactly what we needed to motivate us. Margot then went to the local fabric store to look for some traditional lace that we could scan in as a design. Having good taste, she found a beautiful piece of lace that ended up being $75.00 a yard! Luckily a small swatch was all we needed to get the whole lace pattern.

Once the fabric was scanned in, I turned it into an inverted bitmap that allowed me to manipulate the color, shape and, size. I made it a very light shade of gray and placed it in the background of the invitation and reply card. The pattern is also shown as a sage green "tone on tone" element on the envelope. It is printed so that the design is on the front and carries over to the back flap with the return address. For an added touch I had a custom stamp created to continue the flow of the lace pattern.

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