Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our Holiday Window Design

It's finally up! This was, as usual, a collaborative effort. We wanted to coordinate the window with our holiday wrapping designs (to be posted soon) so we used the deer in the woods pink/dark berry color scheme.

The rest was Lindsay's sweat and tears. We found a cardboard deer on-line and Lindsay painstakingly deconstructed it, scanned the pieces, redrew the pieces in a larger size (for better impact in the window), printed them out and transferred them onto large corrugated cardboard pieces. Then we trimmed the pieces and fit them together. Later we half-thought that since the deer we bought was called the "Buck Jr" that there was possible a "Buck Sr" in the right size but it was too awful to think that...

Then we created the whimsical trees out of cardboard and tissue and the rest is history.

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