Monday, January 18, 2010

And the new store front window is revealed...

Another winner with the help of dear Lindsay, who experimented with paints to make sure they were removable and not going to destroy any products near the front window. I don't have any "in progress" images for you (she was curiously too quick for me this time...) but we basically taped the tree forms and filled in with acrylic white paint. I scraped the iconic birch markings out of the painted part with my metal ruler and after several backwards writing attempts, we added the cute lovers hearts in the trees.

We painted the frames white and added the blue felt to off-set the invitations showcased for the wedding season that is beginning.

I just noticed that this picture includes the window floors (oops!). There is blue felt on the ground there now (not balled up like it is in the photo).

The inspiration for this window was the birch tree save the date.

And the A and K in the tree heart are for our own Amber and Kirk, who are engaged to be married in the spring. Congratulations!

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