Friday, January 29, 2010

Turquoise Inspiration

Over the past year or so I've noticed myself getting too comfy in my design box, if you get my drift. My family and friends have experienced this as I retell stories of my favorite singer or book series (see, they're rolling their eyes right now) again and again. There is a pattern of old age to that and I'm thinking that it's not such a great thing all the time. While forward creative movement is always on my mind, it's easy to keep doing what you do well in the style that you do it well in. For example, I fancy myself as a pretty good designer of invitations. I like finessing type styles, color schemes and patterns but lately I've been seeing a little too much of the same creeping back into my design work.

So I've committed myself to squeezing in some creative exercises to stretch the taffy of my brain in a different direction. Most of the exercises I've done so far have been simple and relaxing. I colored a page in my daughter's mandala coloring book. I took out a pencil and paper *gasp* and sketched some flowers in my yard. I tried to make up harmonies to a favorite song of mine (only the inside of my car will hear those...). I tried--really, really hard--to learn how to play Pokémon with my son. You get the idea. I encourage everyone to try this no matter what your field of interest is in. It feels pretty good although the brain can get a bruising in the process (uch, Pokémon). I'm going to start documenting these exercises. If they inspire you, then that is wonderful, but if I make them official (if only to me) then I'll be more apt to get them done.

CREATIVE EXERCISE #1--Inspiration Board
I've been eager to try this new-to-me concept of creating a "mood" or "inspiration" board. It's essentially a gathering of objects, images etc around a particular theme. I'm sure you've seen these in magazines and other blogs. It seemed so darn easy! Sure, grab a bunch of images that are beautiful in their own right, slap them on a page and behold! an inspiration board. No. Not easy. Tricks to size, proportion, organic shapes versus rigid frames were all at play here. I hope to improve as I do more.

My inspiration board is on turquoise which is not only one of my all time favorite colors, but the Pantone company declared it "Color of the year". I will apologize right now for not giving the details on all of these lovely images I used in creating this. I was too busy picking them out from to record who created them. I WILL DO THIS NEXT TIME because every artist certainly deserves the credit for their beautiful art.

Not a bad first attempt, but I'm eager to try some more. I'd love to hear some of your creative exercises or see your attempts.

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