Thursday, March 18, 2010

Creative Project #4-Stop Film Animation

I was so inspired by the adorable stop-film wedding invitation that was featured here on the Margot Madison Stationery blog 2 weeks ago! My daughter Natalie and I decided to give it a try for her book report project. The book was William Steig's "Sylvester and the Magic Pebble". We sketched out a quick storyboard, gathered our materials for the job and started filming. I used my point-and-shoot camera on the video setting, then selected the stop film animation setting for 10 second intervals. Then, for the next 2 hours, Natalie shifted each prop just slightly to created the story while I held the camera. We then used the iLife '09 versions of iMovie and GarageBand to slow down the film (otherwise it was only about 9 seconds total), add music (we used the Mary Jane's intro to the song Centurion, and looped it 3 times to add length), and create the title and end sequence. What a fun first project!! I can't wait to do more...

Stop-film animation is a form of filming where the camera takes still photos at regular intervals and then the video is animated by running these photos together. Current examples of this style are Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas, though this is essentially the original way films were created.

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  1. nice job girls love your interpretation of the stop animation~


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