Monday, April 5, 2010

Creative Project #5-Easter Placecards

We were so lucky to have a beautiful Easter Sunday yesterday! Here are the placecards we created by request from my mother-in-law.

My three children helped dye the eggs but before you imagine a saccharine sweet home-spun family setting let me stop you: it was under my strict supervision. The eggs were not to be crayoned or blemished in any way and they were to be taken out before the intense superficial colors set in.

I used some scraps of light gold metallic cardstock and curled them into the cuff, using clear sticker circles to hold them in shape. Then my daughters and I (Oliver had abandoned the project for the backyard swing) tied the pastel rick-rack I've had in the "Things That Bedazzle" drawer in my storeroom. I am always glad to see my magpie collections put to good use.

I entertained the idea of allowing my 10-year old Julia do the names but, having spent all that time creating them (we were of course doing this 2 hours before the dinner) and knowing her penchant for misspellings I decided we didn't have enough eggs to spare a re-do. I used a Micron pen to write the names in my personal classic curly-cue font.

As I close the retail store I'm thinking about the re-birth of life this spring. It is said that "the seed must die before the plant can grow", I feel wistful for all the friends and customers whom I've enjoyed over the years. I'm so looking forward to more creativity and more productivity in my next career phase!

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