Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm home!

Well, it was no easy feat! After a crazy day on Friday with the $10 bag sale, everything that could be sold at the Margot Madison Retail Store was sold. What was left was donated to my daughter's art teacher at Fairview Clifton German Language School in Clifton. She swears that the kids will use the plexi-glass displays for their sculptural projects next year. I'm so happy to see everything go to a good home. While the closing of the store is an end of an era for me, I feel good about moving on!

As I've been saying, I'm still designing for you! You can reach me by my same email address and my new number will be listed on the website etc. I so look forward to a more balanced career that lets me design more and also have a family life.

I've spent this rainy Saturday setting up my home office and I'm quite comfortable here already. I've been doing some assembly now that the kids are asleep and feel good.

I'll say thanks again for the 7 plus great years in the retail world. I truly enjoyed it and loved meeting and becoming friends with so many of my clients. Please keep in touch with my blog, Facebook, Twitter and the other various social networking avenues of late.

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