Friday, May 28, 2010

Marie Claire Idées Magazine

It is fortunate that I have a super amazing sister-in-law who happens to be French and ultimately should scout cool things for me as a full-time job. A few visits ago, she introduced me to Marie Claire Idées magazine, a gem of French crafts and styling which is so different from American offerings. I daresay it's even (gulp) better than Martha Stewart Living for it's utterly whimsical, over-the-top color schemes and undeniably French fashion. Each time I get a magazine (I get mine from Joseph Beth bookstores locally) I STUDY it, DEVOUR it, fold over essentially EVERY PAGE and then put it on my desk to savor and review again later for anything I may have missed.

Here are some examples of the pages of this most recent issue. I've already pulled some pages for my inspiration wall but you'll get the idea I hope! I should note that the magazine is written in French, which makes things a little confusing with my minimal knowledge of the language. Luckily, there is no translation needed for the beautiful images and well, I never read magazines anyway... ;o)

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