Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Updates on the MMCS women

I know I've said this a thousand times, but I had the pleasure of working with some amazing women while I operated the retail store Margot Madison Creative Stationery. In a small way, it's kind of nice NOT being the "Boss" because I can drop the formalities (though there weren't many) and now be official friends with them. We gathered together for wine and snacks the other night and I thought you all might like an update...

Lindsay "How is it that the space I just cleared has Margot's stuff on it?" is working at a printing company producing (big surprise) invitations. She is certainly an expert in that field now! Lindsay is a super designer and is taking on some good freelance work. If you need a logo, web page, marketing materials or anything like that, you can contact her. This is Lindsay's website.

Amber "Keep to the schedule Margot" got married to her long-time fiancé Kirk. They tied the knot in a sweet beach side ceremony with family and a few friends (who did double-duty by singing or officiating) at their favorite beach house in the Outer Banks. Now they are off to Florence, SC to pursue Kirk's "real job" now that he has his PhD and I envy them slightly the adventure of it all. Good luck guys!

Judy "You know, I just like to cross it off my list" is working on her pool tan this summer and enjoying her creative 3 girls before everyone is in school next year. Judy is a super detail and get-it-done kind of gal and I wish she were here in my studio helping me out with design and production. If you have a need for someone like that in your office, let me know and I'll pass along her info as she'd like to NOT be poolside forever...

I miss all you guys every day! xom

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  1. Just saw this--had a great time that night. Miss you gals! :)


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