Monday, August 30, 2010

Bake It Pretty

Now that I have all this well-structured time to be creative (thanks to working from my home studio and the City of Cincinnati taking care of the education of my children) I've been really motivated to do some fun baking. Or maybe not even bake, but think about all the cool party ideas can be gleaned from great blogs like mine (gratuitous, shameless, etc). Ahem, anyway...

Here is a great little site I found that sells all things for baking called Bake It Pretty. Fun themed toppers, cupcake papers, frosting thing-a-mabobs (I don't know how to use those tubes and I've tried several times, but I'm sure someone who reads this knows how to make them work without spewing frosting everywhere but the item in need). Anyway, I hope it inspires you for your next party!

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