Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Tape project #2

It's project number 2 because I've been working on #1 but it's not at the photo-taking finish yet. You'll see that soon enough!

Lindsay and I had a great time having Thai food and, and crafting too, of course. It was a little dark since we were crafting at night (L has a Real Job) so many of the "in progress" shots were a bit blurry. Here is a decent one that shows some craftin' action. Lindsay used a 3-picture matte frame and added the tape in a diagonal stripe pattern, using all of the tapes at least once but in a random fashion. Very 80's methinks... She promises to take another photo of the final product so that will come later.
Lindsay crafting the Washi Tape with a matte frame.

I worked on a quintet of candles from Ikea. I used only the browns and beiges and placed the tape around the candles, sometimes overlapping. L wasn't a fan of the overlapping, but I liked the effect! I think it turned out nicely. Today they are on a wooden plate on a side table in my living room and I'm enjoying the new dash of fall in my summer-tired d├ęcor...

Here's the final result. And remember I've got Happy Tape project #1 coming after this weekend! Happy Friday!
Candle decorations with Japanese Washi Tape

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  1. I just mentioned another use for washi tape on my blog's comments today! It's a suggestion for a renter to spice up a few of her doors. :-) Glad to have found you via BYW.

    Julie of Knittlebits


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