Friday, September 10, 2010

Inspiration collage

Inspiration for the Margot Madison Creative blog

I've been loving creative inspiration boards and this is a non-computerized, 20th century, cut paper version I spent hours on last night. It is a suggested assignment I had for my new "Blogging Your Way" on-line course I'm taking through the Decor8 blog. First I have to say that collages in general freak me out. I have a difficult time creating order from the chaos of my mind. Having it as an official assignment forced me through all the anxiety and it's-not-happening-quickly-enough trash-talk in my brain, though, and I pushed for a few hours until I was satisfied with the results. Of course I'm looking at it and wanting to tweak again but was advised not to overthink it.  By the way, it is supposed to represent what I want to share through my blog: design, color, texture, pattern, great party inspiration and a little bit of me and my product line.

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