Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mike's A-Mazing Mazes--Theme Inspiration

So I was at a dinner gathering a few weeks ago and found myself in the most fascinating conversation with my friend Kim. It turns out that the farm where she grew up makes the most amazing corn mazes in Massachusetts (and that's not just my opinion, they're on a register of top places to go in MA). I must admit that because I am completely dysfunctional with directions, corn mazes are more like a nightmare for me than a fun autumn outing. But after talking to Kim, I REALLY feel like I need to take a road trip!

The corn mazes at Mike's Mazes are a Big Deal. Kim told me that they plant the corn with engineered precision on a grid so that the designs created by the artist can be created, one stalk at a time. Each year there is a theme, and there are stations within the maze, so that when you've found each station it's checked off and you get a pumpkin upon completion. To make it even more interesting, each station has an activity related to the theme.

This year's theme at Mike's Mazes in Massachusetts.

This year's theme is pop art, specifically Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Can. Isn't the arial photo of it a-mazing?? (I promise to quite with the puns now) And even cooler, you take your card to each station where the attendant stamps an image that once finished, is an actual Warhol-inspired print.  Themes from past years include, Julia Childs (where local chefs did food demos at each station), Satchmo (where stations had music played and you had to "name that tune"), and  their Mona Lisa maze that was featured in "Ripley's Believe It Or Not". What a wonderful creative spirit and I want to go!!

I LOVE when themes are used for such creativity and really make the event whole and complete. And how sophisticated! When planning your event, a theme can keep things organized and more enjoyable for your guests. It can inspire creative ideas because you've got some boundaries which keep your creative brain from a idea melt-down. What is important to you or your event?

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