Friday, October 15, 2010

Child's play

A "masterpiece" from my 4 year old niece.

I've been "allowing" my kids to use my purse sketchbook in times of great need (ie. when the screaming gets so bad that I start losing my voice). It is so immediately soothing and quieting to get everything onto the page. And I get to enjoy little view into their minds.

I love to watch kids color and draw. It is utterly fascinating to see how they choose colors, make shapes, patterns, people, scenes, stories and more. Each is a masterpiece of the moment. They are each as different as the person, and even though this should really not come as a surprise, it just well, it amazes me.

My niece Meredith was over the other day while my sister was running some errands. Looking quickly for something age appropriately entertaining, I discovered a little lined notebook in the Craft Cupboard that fit the bill because 1.) it was small and 2.) looked important with all the lined paper. Her eyes lit up, she smiled and said in her 40-year-old woman voice,  "Yes, I think I would like to color in that." --As if she was ordering dinner off a menu. She wasn't fooling Auntie Margot, though. She wanted it bad.

And so she created a variety of wonderful pieces, each given to me in a formal presentation. This one is my absolute favorite. Look at the careful circles and rich colors! I love the concentric circles in the center that are so perfectly balanced with the smaller ones, and with the rest of the page too. How did she decide that or is it so intuitive that she just did what felt good? This is just a wonderful reminder to enjoy pure creative endeavors in everything you do and see.

Have you seen something amazing in your own children's art? I invite you to share them with me...

Have a great weekend! I'm going to be camping with my family in eastern Ohio. I'm bringing the watercolors and have promised the kids that they will be able to use them with me.

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  1. I love seeing kids draw, and I'm always coming up with fun projects for my son...I especially like to tie art projects to books we've read.
    I like your blog!


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