Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Clever Halloween Costume for $1

Digital art for a fun pirate themed costume from Margot Madison Creative
Are you feeling desperate yet? Haven't been able to come up with a costume idea and don't want to wear something bulky or complicated? Seems like I'm always in this spot about now. My husband won't wear anything on his head ever since we were the Rake and the Hoe (I was the Hoe, get it?) and he hit every door frame with his rake headpiece. Here is a great couples costume idea that is easy to wear and doesn't cost much at all, especially since I'm giving you the downloadable digital art for only $1 from my Margot Madison Creative etsy store.

Here's how my mom and dad are doing the costume. Dad is wearing some miscellaneous pirate gear and the "Yo! Ho! Ho!" on his shirt. Mom is dressing in a brown pillowcase with a hole cut out of the sewn short side with the "Bottle of Rum" decal on her front, some brown leggings and is making a gold pill-style "cap" hat out of cardboard.

1. You can print it on cardboard and pin it to yourself. Size the print about 8x11" so it will fit comfortably on your shirt without curling over on the sides too much.
2. You can contact your local sign or print-making shop and have them print it for you on adhesive vinyl so you can stick it to your shirt.
3. You can print it to a t-shirt decal paper and iron it on your shirt.

Now, go have some fun this weekend!


  1. Dearest Margot, this is such a wondeful idea!! Thanks so much for sharing! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!



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