Wednesday, October 20, 2010

La-la-la Luminaries

I was thinking about luminaries today and thought you might be thinking about them too. Are you having an evening event or wedding? I read in one of Colin Cowie's entertaining books that putting lighting on a surface drew guests to it without fail. I tested it at one of my parent's parties and it was so true! We added some to an out-of-the-way drink station and it worked like a charm. That Colin knows his stuff, doesn't he?

So I gathered a few luminary ideas for you. I even numbered them so you can find their creative sources more easily. Smart, eh? ;o)
A collection on luminary ideas from Margot Madison Creative
1. Origami Luminaries made from watercolor paper. Pretty amazing! from Green Baboon Designs.
2. Hydrangea flower "lumies" from Illumienate...I know these are so popular since hydrangeas are such a fabulous wedding flower!
3. Sweet and homespun for your backyard aesthetic. This is a DIY kit from Midwest Finds.
4. Great use of a simple burlap fabric on these votives from Lush Designs. It's kind of modern in it's simplicity and oldschool at the same favorite combination!
5. Butterfly cut-out luminaries from Dolce Caramella for a gentle summer evening.
6. Love this modern line of custom luminaries from Paper Acorn (from my hometown Cincinnati, of all places!). How great would these look at the Head Table at the reception, or around the dessert table? Put them on a second tier so that people wouldn't accidentally bump their crisp line.
7. A simple monogram from A Wild Designs is always a classic.
8. Great use of doilies (at least I think that's what they are!) to add a touch of dainty. Brought to you by My Haley Girl.
9. I think I still have some cans filled with frozen water in my freezer still because I was so determined to do this project with my kids. It's so easy (and let's face it, cheap) that you should try it. I love how these are painted inside too. Nice detail. Find the instructions on Factory direct Craft Blog.

And since you made it all the way to the end of this post, I'll delight you with this guy's mug. He showed up when I had googled "Luminaries". He sure looks like he's trying to bring light into this world, doesn't he? Ah, we shared a good laugh together despite it all. I think I need to get out of the studio today...


  1. Love this post - and had a great laugh at the end. I am really loving your blog! Keep it up.

    Amy Owens

  2. Such beautiful inspiration:) I love the holes cut in the last one, so simple and pretty!


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