Friday, October 29, 2010

Pink and Gold in action

Remember my obsession with pink and gold? I haven't! This was the color chart I did a few weeks ago:
And look what I found on the Twig and Thistle blog!! Isn't this spectacular? It is a shower Kathleen threw for her sister (lucky sista). Here are some of the details to entice you but there are so many more, plus the invitation on her blog. I love the quiz cards with the gold pencil and that beautifully feminine cake. I'm absorbing it into my brain and the wheels continue to turn...and turn...(actually, they never really stop turning). If you stick around to the bottom of the post, I'll do some of my event psychoanalysis.... because what is a conversation with me worth if we don't over analyze it?
Here is my confession and lead-in to the Event Analysis: One of the reasons I love to look at existing events is because I have always really struggled to design spaces (including my poor house). One of my goals is to break down the parts but also to see the whole piece and how those little parts fit into it. So to analyze the success of this shower further, I'm thinking about that color chart I made. I've seen other color schemes where the colors at the bottom are given equal status. I think a really beautifully balanced color scheme is all about the proportion of color, isn't it? I've spent a great deal of energy in my adult life resisting the urge to include ALL the colors in ALL the pieces in an event design: the tablecloth that has all the colors in it, and the flower arrangement that has all the colors in it etc. For me, that's a recipe for visual chaos and ultimate disappointment. I'm learning to look at the entire space as the color palette. So maybe the table linen is the base color, like that blush pink up in the color bar, then the table arrangement would have lots of golds, a few medium pinks and then a hit of the dark. Or maybe just golds and the napkins in pink. See how that cake worked in the shower? Light pink with the flower decoration as just a "pop of color"; in the same hue but darker and more dynamic. And when I really look at it, the dark wood of the table even goes along with the theme. That Kathleen, she's a good one! What do you think? For those who design events and interiors, how do you do it?

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  1. That is a great color scheme. I'm loving how the soda bottles even coordinate. Thanks for sharing!
    (fellow BYWer)


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