Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vendor Spotlight at the Crafty Supermarket

I will rant for only a few minutes on the joys of the Crafty Supermarket that had it's humble beginnings in Northside in Cincinnati, OH. It is so spectacular and full of sometimes crazy, always clever and always unique crafts. It was so good that after the wild success of the first show, it had to move into a much larger place to accommodate all of us crazy-for-unique-crafts people. The next show is November 20 (just in time to start Christmas shopping, yes?) so mark your calendars.

On my daily web trolling for good stuff, I ran into Red Raven Studios  from Pittsburgh, PA and saw that not only does Amy Lumsden have delicate and beautiful accessories, that she is coming to the Crafty Supermarket. Take a gander at these awesome belts (and keep in mind that I have a complete bias for birds...)
Belt from Red Raven Studio
Belt from Red Raven Studio

Belt from Red Raven Studio
Beautiful! It almost makes me want to wear a belt. Or at least purchase one for my belt-wearing sistah.

Oh, and here are some earrings I liked too:

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