Monday, October 25, 2010

The world of digital art

Happy Monday creative friends. Today my internet travels took me on a journey through the digital art world and it was quite an interesting trip! I started at the on-line store called My Grafico where they sell digital art collections by various designers. I haven't yet purchased one of these, so I'll start with that disclaimer, but it looks like a great idea for graphic designers and computer savvy crafters and party planners. You essentially purchase the digital art and receive it as a file (most companies let you choose JPG, PDF, PNG etc). You can use on your invitations or miscellaneous party items like favors, cupcake toppers, stickers etc. And what about bake sale decorations? Or christmas cards and tags? Make sure to read the user agreement from each vendor and be sure you are using these according to their licensing specifications. Nobody wants to get screwed here, right? Right.

I'm impressed with the variety I saw in the hour or so I spent researching this stuff. I saw everything from vintage flowers to Michael Jackson. Lots of items could be used in elegant wedding invitations, charming children's parties, or baby showers. Of course, you wouldn't use Michael Jackson on that, but I got those creative juices flowing, didn't I? ;o)  This is a small sample of what I found on etsy:

Here are some cute cupcakes from Todd Design. I still have cupcakes on the mind ever since Meredith's cupcake party.
Here are some sugar skulls from ArtVision. I don't get the whole skull thing I must admit, but I do love to look at them. The designs are so cool!
Some elegant vintage labels from Vivian Artwork. I've seen this theme trending in wedding invitations.
Some adorable space monsters from Woofy World. So cute for a boy birthday party!
 Some cute cars from Scotty Girl. I must be subconsciously planning my son's next birthday.
Some sweet little snowmen from Peach Pops Clipart.
I love these scallop borders from Ginger World. You could put a monogram, name, or address in there and snap! A great wedding logo or custom stamp artwork.
And it's not just digital illustration that's out there. I love, love, love these "fabric" banners and flowers from Lemon Tree Studio.
What do you think of this stuff? Could you use it in your next event? Have you had some success using it already? Tell me all... And have a great week!

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  1. what a fun and sweet collection of digi goodies you found! thank you so very much for including me!


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