Monday, November 8, 2010

Napkin No-no's

Funny, I hadn't thought about this until I was reading Brilliant Event Planning's blogpost on what not to do with your napkins. Truly, nothing says "stuffy old people restaurant" like a fan-folded napkin in the water cup. And now this gets me off the hook on learning the fine art of fan folding napkins. See those chairs in the top left photo? Those just say it all, don't they? Read up on the better approach to napkins here. Hint: KISS--keep it simple, sister!


  1. ha ha , your post made me smile, i really really hate naff napkin folding, and my heart sinks when i go to a wedding and see fans in glasses! i love to keep it simple, big cloth napkins simply folded with a sprig of rosemary or lavender.

  2. I'm always nervous to say "this really bugs" about anything on my blog for fear of offending someone, but I love reading blogs about stuff that just seems silly to other blogger friends. So glad you let it out and just said it. ;) Yes the chairs are horrible. I love a simple flat folded napkins...maybe with something simple & stylish wrapped around it or silverware tucked inside in a lovely way.


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