Thursday, January 6, 2011

a beautifully designed dessert table from Citrus & Orange

One of my favorite classmates from my blogging class (Blogging Your Way from the ever-charming Holly Becker, Decor8) is Susana, as economist/designer from Portugal. Citrus and Orange is the name of her blog. There is something about her simple and elegant style that makes an impression on me every time. I tried to mimic one of her holiday mantle designs at my house this year and failed horribly. But as I challenge myself to improve, she's one whose style I continue to study in an effort to capture at least some part of it.

I was so pleased that her most recent New Year's event table was chosen to be on the famed dessert designer Amy Atlas's blog. That's some good company to be in. Congratulations, Susana! Here's a peek, with the full details of the post here. Be sure to scroll down on her images and see the ornament cakes she made. Spectacular! Oh! I just noticed that she is using the pinks and gold theme!

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