Monday, February 21, 2011

Designing invitations with the dresses in mind--Brilliant!

Here is the news I have to start the creative work week:

1. Anthropologie is putting out a wedding line of clothing called BHLDN (And if you can't remember all those letters in a row, think "Beholden". It seems to work for me.)

2. An incredibly creative way to design wedding invitations is by being inspired by the dress! *Margot hits palm on forehead and says "Doh!"*

I really, really enjoyed this post from Kate at Magnolia Rouge (an excellent Aussie wedding blog/designer) where she used the BHLDN dresses to influence her wedding invitation designs. Brilliant. And beautiful designs, of course! Look at these text savvy beauties...

I might give this a try this week. If I'm any good, I'll show ya...

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