Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Sewn" in Oakley unites sewers and non-sewers in colorful harmony!

Those of you who are lucky enough to be in Cincinnati have an exciting new place to visit in Oakley (near Hyde Park on Madison Rd.). I discovered the new shop called Sewn last week and have been so excited to tell you about it! The website is mainly a placeholder at the moment, but the Sewn Facebook page is more interactive and will tell you what is going on every day, so add it to your fan page.

1. Sewn has the modern fabrics that I love (think Amy Butler, bright colors, bold designs etc). Trust me, it's tough finding this locally. There is a great shop about an hour away called The Fabric Shack that I've blogged about but that's about it.

2. Sewn clearly was conceptualized and actualized by a sophisticated woman. The interior is clean and fresh with maple wood fixtures, ample lighting, good organization (and if you've been in Jo-Ann Fabric lately, you'll appreciate this too), and smartly placed product smaples that inspire you to just start sewing. They made me feel like that and I actually don't even know how to make a bobbin on my daughter's sewing machine. Which brings me to number 3...

3. She has a large portion of the store filled with sewing machines on work tables. Yes, if you don't like to sew in silence (or chaos if you're kids are younger like mine) you can come in and sew in good company. Sewn offers Sewing 101 classes for adults and teens, using simple projects to teach basic sewing concepts like putting in a zipper or button hole, adding piping to a pillow and more. And I JUST BET Stephanie will be able to show me how to make that blasted bobbin happen!

Here is my suggestion for a nice morning out in Oakley. Go to The Red Tree Cafe and have some coffee, then walk over to Sewn and get started on a colorful tote bag or purse for your spring wardrobe. Doesn't that sound dreamy? See you there!

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