Friday, March 25, 2011

As you search for your own success, remember this

I don't know if you feel like this, but I find it frustrating when I'm not as good as I think I should be; When I can't get what's in my brain into the computer/onto paper. If I'm completely truthful, the frustrating part for me is that I'm not there fast enough. I, like everyone else in my era, am a Right Now kind of person. Waiting is painful and working through the challenge is a struggle when there are other more pleasant diversions around. Getting "there" takes practice and practice takes time, and lots of it. I saw an inspirational video this week on creativity and this is the phrase that stuck with me. I thought I should immortalize it in print, so I designed the words today on the computer and printed it out to hang in my studio. But most importantly, I finished it to my satisfaction.

It reminded me of a time when I was a young, budding designer. I was struggling through a typography challenge on a piece of food packaging. Finally, I called my boss over and asked what he thought I should do. Literally, with a few clicks of the mouse, he had it looking perfect. I sat there with my mouth open, wondering in awe if I would ever be that good. I'm happy to say that I know I've definitely improved since those days. But every day there are design opportunities that can teach me to twist my creative brain just another turn so I can create something fresh and new. The difficulty now is to stick with it until it's done to my satisfaction instead of putting it aside and running to the next pretty distraction. *cough* the blogosphere *cough*

Anyway, thanks to Greg Conyers (the aforementioned "boss") and Ira Glass, for his inspirational words. He also has a spectacular program on public radio called This American Life which you all should listen to (it's free). Have a great weekend and vacation if you're one of the lucky ones on spring break!


  1. brilliant...and i totally hear ya!!


  2. Miss Margot, what a wonderful post. So many of us in the creative field can totally relate. Even after 18+ years in my particular field, I STILL occasionally find myself questioning whether or not I am any good. I need to take your advice, work through the challenge, and simply learn. Oh, and by the way, your photo of the ranunculus is absolutely lovely! I also just completed the BYW course, and I think Leslie would be VERY proud of your styling!
    xo Deirdre


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