Friday, March 4, 2011

DIY Friday: Pretty Pencils made with Washi Tape

Pretty Washi Pencils.
Here's a fun little project that adds a little something extra to your event. Make pretty pencils with the colorful patterns from the washi tape (found at places like Pretty Tape, or Happy Tape etc.) I created these to add a coordinated and practical touch to a baby shower game that needed a writing utensil.
The pencils ready for action at the baby shower game station.

It's pretty easy. First, find yourself some pencils. I searched high and low for white ones, but they are hard to come by apparently. I puchased a pack of yellow number 10 pencils and spray painted them white. It's important to have a white "canvas" because the washi tape is translucent.
Tape off the barrel at the top to protect it from the paint spray.
I used a handy-dandy egg carton as my prop.
Starting at the eraser side, wrap the tape at a diagonal to cover the entire pencil barrel. Trim off the excess at the top and bottom, sharpen the pencil and--Bob's Your Uncle--you've got yourself a snazzy pencil.

I think these would make cute teacher gifts or party favors for your kids' birthday parties too!

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