Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm inspired by this text design

I saw this lovely gem by Vanessa Sorensen back in February and I just can't stop thinking about it! It was a valentine she made for her husband (view her mother's valentine here). I think Vanessa has such an different way of viewing graphic design. Look how clever she balanced the letters (note that the letters in "George" are even, not odd, thus making balance a bigger challenge. And see how the design appears symmetrical but it is actually composed of different ornaments and fonts? It seems to evoke her personality: Quiet and understated at first but with a decorative flair. I can just see her thoughtfully designing creations quietly at her computer, cat sleeping somewhere in the studio. Vanessa is an illustrator of bird and cat books and a lover of dutch folk design (as am I). Anyway, I'm channeling my inner Vanessa today as I work up some new designs for some clients.


  1. Gosh Margot - I am in awe of graphic designers. It's a talent I really admire and don't have. This design is beautiful.



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