Friday, June 3, 2011

Lord help me! There are only 22 more days until my 40th birthday party

Since I have so much planning to do, I thought I'd distract myself and share my birthday invitation. I so enjoyed creating this invitation! As my own customer, I found myself very open to new designs and quite agreeable--a dream client, really! I loved being able to do exactly what I wanted and revise until my creative heart was content. I wanted it to reflect everything I love about invitations, and it does.

The invitation is letterpress printed with an inkless impression mandala and hot pink text that combined flourished calligraphy (Aphrodite) and clean modern san serif (Century Modern Sans). The card is a super thick Crane's cotton stock with beautiful texture and luxurious weight. I designed and printed the custom liners especially for the invitation (after searching for too long on-line to find something just right, I realized that I was the person to create that very thing--duh!). I'm going to use the extra liner papers for the party details later. On the hot pink envelopes, I printed the mandala in a dark pink which was extended to the back flap where my return address was. Then I printed the guest's names stylized with the same fonts as the invitation. I'm quite pleased with the results, thank goodness. It is my job afterall, to please even my most discriminating customers! The invitations were a big part of my budget and I think they were worth every penny. Plus, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to throw myself another birthday party for another 40 years.

And on the title prayer, don't get me wrong, I'm SUPER excited for it. It's just, well 22 days doesn't seem like a lot to get everything together. I've been thinking about it for so long and planning for so long that the thought it will be real is daunting. While I was entering into panic mode last week, we had some cheap chinese food for dinner and THIS was my fortune. FOR REAL! Is that not the Universe giving me a wink or what??? I love it that when the "holy crap I'm not going to get everything done in time" feeling creeps up on me (like today) I think of that fortune and relax. If my friends and family are there with me, all will be perfect.


  1. Woohoo exciting! i too turned 40 this year (1st January) so it was an extra big celebration! im looking forward to what my 40's bring!

  2. Turning 40 this month and love all your ideas! I want to do the Eat, Drink and Be 40 theme too! Since my husband is leaving it up to me to plan...I want to use your ideas. thanks!


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