Friday, June 10, 2011

Take a look at these vintage bus passes!

This picture has me really floored this morning. They are a collection of vintage Milwaukee bus passes from Kindraishere blog that I discovered via Lost and Fawned blog.

First thought: WOW! Great design and color!
Second thought: How much fun/work it was for the staff designer to do so many completely different designs
Third and next consecutive number thoughts: I can't believe the city agreed to do this. Did they want every design to be so different? Did they require that? ("No, Joe Designer! You used lime green and orchid last week...pick a different color combination!") Did the city revel in creative intentions for their bus riders? Did the staff designer just refuse to do the same thing every week? Did he (because you know it was a "he" back then) make it his little challenge to find a new way to write numbers and letters in an original design every time? What the heck?? I don't think any city or company would pay for such a thing nowadays. We are far too efficient for that, aren't we? That is why vintage is so awesome. It brings us back to a different way of thinking about design. I'm not one to wish things were like they were "back then" but it's so refreshing to look back, isn't it?
It also makes me think about design that is essentially disposable and prolific. The designer didn't have to worry about a 5 year shelf life. He could do crazy stuff because there was going to be another chance to do something else next week. Some were probably great, some were blah, but when you do something like this over and over, I think it doesn't hinder your creativity. It expands it and forces it into new spaces. You HAVE to break out of your mold. You know?

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