Friday, July 15, 2011

A new look at host card displays

Okay, so you've got to tell your guests where they will be sitting at your wedding. This is commonly done with host cards or escort cards. The guests name is written on the front of a card (or tiny envelope) and a table assignment is listed on the inside. This is the tried and true method for sure. But sometimes you want to be a little more creative, don't you?

Pinning up colorful tags on a board is another idea to display the escort cards. And get your guests to their assigned tables with a little flair. I like it because it is still logical (meaning, guests can look up their names alphabetically etc.) but it allows for some pops of color and pattern. Try covering a standard cork board with linen fabric and setting it up on an easel stand at the entrance of your reception venue. Use a punch to cut shapes from fabric (like this shot from Martha Stewart) or scrapbooking papers (like the one from Leslie Shrewring). The trick is to keep the format exactly the same and just switch out the patterns on the die-cut. Kinda makes me want to make some gift tags...(distractions, distractions).

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