Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thinking about a Red Tent Party

A Red Tent party. Hmmmm, what is that? Well, in my mind, it's an exotic party to celebrate women. This is not to be confused with a Romance Party (insert childish snort and giggle here). I'm thinking of the book The Red Tent when all the women would hang out together for a couple of days. I'm ignoring the reason they were there together but if you read the book you'll know what I mean. I'm thinking belly dancing, floor pillows, henna art, delicious mediterranean food and sangria. Chilling out with my favorite women and women-in-training. Doing the things we like best like eating, drinking and decorating each other. My living room happens to be really red--red couch, red vintage wool carpet and I'd like to have it there, but it's kind of small. More thinking to do on this one but doesn't it sound like fun? Might be a good reason to get the floor pillows I've been wanting, eh?

Here is some inspiration for the party:
1. Invitation designed by Margot Madison
2. Galveston Leather and gold bangle bracelets by Handmade by Anne Potter
3. Floor pillow cover from IndiaVine
4. Exotic Floor pillow from BordelloChic
5. Sangria recipe and photo pulled from Buzzle
6. Antique Wool Kilim pillow from Sukan
7. Henna art inspiration from Mehndi Fashstyles
8. Bejeweled mini candle chandalier from Shabulous Creations
9. Delicious garlicky hummus photo and recipe from The Purple Foodie

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