Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cincinnati gets "bombed" again!

If you were ever thinking that Cincinnati, Ohio was not a cool and artsy city you might want to stop thinking like that. (There are many reasons why we are so creative and cool!) We have a very crazy and special group of people running amok dressed in blonde wigs and bombshell attire creating works of art with yarn and assembling them to public parts of our city "to soften the edges of an otherwise cruel, harsh environment."

Take a look at what was bombed last night!

Knitted creations were installed on Central Parkway and this time they included a Metro bus. This looks like something I've seen in Panama. I adore all the colors and patterns sprawled over the bus like your grandmother's graffiti. The Bombshells of Cincinnati are a secret society (they don't knit and tell) and I know nothing more than what they are creating but I'm so glad they are here to add some much needed excitement to our tame city streets. If I could knit, I'd offer my services but alas that skill is going to have to skip generations in my family. So carry on girls! And thank you for the spark of joy you bring to our Queen City.

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