Tuesday, December 13, 2011

25 Days of Gift Wrap: Day 13

I'm not whining, but this is quite a task I've set out for myself. And it's not the wrapping that's tough, I really like that part. It's the photographing of the gift! I was actually looking forward to doing this photoshoot because I took a photography workshop this weekend which really cleared up so much camera mystery for me (no more effing f-stop talk from me anymore!). I now have my camera on full manual mode. Woo-hoo!

Anyway, the bummer was that I had to take the photos on the dreariest, grayest, winteriest day possible. Ug! Talk about adding a challenge to my natural lighting situation! I did not get to use my new photo editing software either. Now it does sound like I'm whining. Sorry about that. It just occurred to me that the good news was that I did take that class or I'd be showing you some very dark photos of gifts.

After exploring retro folksy styles and lots of red and white, I'm moving into some sparkly stuff. This is silver paper with silver eyelash yarn. The topper is a group of glittered pinecones and a custom gift sticker I made. Nicely done for a special Papa gift, I think.

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