Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Photography Practice: Using Adobe Lightroom

A photo after adjustments in Adobe Lightroom
The same photo before the adjustments

I've been working on my photographic skills since I didn't bother paying much attention when I took all those courses in high school and college. I never thought that taking good photographs would be so integral to my business as it is now. My motto is: It's never too late! So I've been walking the path of practice for the past year or so.

Step one was to get a good camera. It was a beautiful Canon Powershot and took great people photos, but I shoot invitations for my work. Step Two was to get another camera with interchangeable lenses called a DSLR 3 months later. This was a Nikon 3100 and a 50 mm prime lense. Much better. Several steps and a great workshop later, I'm feeling like I'm getting somewhere.

I'm at Step 48 (at about Step 40, I sold my Canon to my dad so it wouldn't be neglected) now and it was time for me to get some advanced software to help me adjust what I cannot achieve with the limitations of real life and my basic level skills/equipment. When choosing between Aperture and Lightroom (which are essentially the same) I went for Lightroom. The final decision was made because my photographer friends use it and I'd have a better chance of getting my questions answered if I was using something they knew all about. I gave it a go yesterday and I'm pleased to say that I do like it! I have imported my RAW images and played around with the tone and lighting, trying to fix shadowy spots, making light when there wasn't enough. That's about as far as I've gotten but it has made a difference so far! If you want to give it a try, you can download a trial version of Adobe Lightroom for 30 days from here.

P.S. Don't you think my dog is so cute?

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