Monday, June 11, 2012

Raspberry Crumb Cake a la Bob Vivant

I spent the most delightful Sunday morning last weekend. Husband and children on various excursions, I had only my dog to make his small food and walking requests. So I ate my marmalade toast and drank my tea in blissful silence, all the while reading the lovely story-foodie blog Bob Vivant on my iPad. I "met" Bobbi via emails a few years ago when my good friend recommended we take her on our next morel foray. While the dates of that foray are still in the works (you only have a few weeks a year to even try!) we finally met in person in Chicago a few months ago. Of course I loved her. Her narratives are full of beautiful, unassuming, warm and often humorous language, just like Bobbi in person. They also always show a beautiful photograph of her most recent culinary creation and include the well-written recipe.

Having been duly inspired, I set out to recreate her rhubarb crumb cake with the raspberries I found on sale at our local green market. It was an easy recipe, even for this baking-challenged gal, and the reviews were raving. The texture is dense like a brownie and the almond flavorings sublime when paired with the fruit. We ate it with Madisono's Madagascar vanilla gelato but I can tell you that it's just as good the second day with a cup of Twinnings Earl Gray tea. Find her recipe here and enjoy!

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  1. I'm so happy the recipe worked for you! Baking challenged, eh? You'd never know it from the looks of that beautiful cake. Love the idea of pairing the almond flavors with raspberries. I think there's another almond crumb cake on my horizon--one with raspberries!


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