Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Citron Yellow Inspiration

I've reinstated my potentially dangerous habit of going to estate sales. It is my opinion that those who frequent such places are merely recycling stuff that someone else purchased impulsively at an estate sale. I suppose it's a good way to keep perfectly good crap from a landfill, but I'm wary. One never goes to an estate sale because one is looking for a citron yellow enameled bowl with pretty pink flowers. It just happens. So the fear is that if I go too often to estate sales, I will have a house full of stuff that requires my children to hire some estate liquidation company to get rid of said stuff when I'm gone. Or put my house on that Hoarders show. *shudder* Side note: I'm so horrified of hoarding that I actually refuse to watch that show.

Now perhaps you can appreciate how much I really loved this sweet little dish. Citron yellow isn't even on my short list of signature colors but I have recognized the error of my ways and have added it in. Bright, cheerful and quirky because citron is not really yellow and certainly not green but a funky hybrid of both. And the impulse purchase clincher was that I'm a sucka for flowers. Bam! I bought it AND a couple of other weird useless things. After all, I was going through the trouble of standing in line to deal to the withered woman who did not like to bargain anyway. I might as well make it worth the trouble.

When I got home, I put it on a shelf to wait while I contemplated it's seductive qualities. A few days later, my daughter Julia (who really and truly has that magic 'touch' with displays and interiors) placed it on a set of vintage song books and man, did it look perfect there. It's as if my subconscious mind knew exactly what I was doing all along! And now, it's preconceived uselessness is replaced with the purpose of beauty and joy. Well, and also inspiration because I'm going to do some pattern making and painting this weekend and little Citron Bowl will be joining me.

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