Thursday, October 4, 2012

I picked a good one for this Halloween...

Even though life seems impossibly busy, I still try really had to make Halloween fun. Mainly because my kids insist on it. "Are you going to make those mummy hot dogs again this year, Mom?" (*sigh* yes), "Are we going to get more skeleton bones for the yard, Mom" (yes, even though you lost half of the body by using them for golf clubs this summer), "Mom, how about a toxic waste theme for our house decorations this year?" (alrighty...) Every time we do one fun thing, we have to add to it for the next year. It's equally exhausting AND inspirational.

Anyway, enough of my fake complaining about how hard it is to be a mom in a creative household.

I just saw this recipe for Zombie Boogers from Paper and Parcel and had to share it. It's got everything a kid wants for Halloween: sugar and parent revulsion. You can get the cute little bags from her etsy shop here. It seems like a great party snack or fun surprise for lunch, doesn't it?

I've been amassing some other great Halloween ideas on this Pinterest board if you want to peruse.

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  1. Thanks, Margot, for featuring my Zombie Boogers recipe and bags! Much appreciated!


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