Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Holiday Cards on MyPublisher!

That's my card on the silver box ^

So I'm at my sister's house for our weekly Sunday family dinner and I see that her most recent photo book was created on the MyPublisher website. I mentioned that they were going to be selling several of my holiday cards on their site and she screams, "I KNEW that was your work in their catalog!!" Turns out that she'd seen my cards in their catalog that had arrived last week and was highly suspicious. Ha!

I'm super excited to be represented by MyPublisher and I must say that I admired lots of the other holiday card designs offered on their site as well. The artwork is sweet and slightly modern, with lots of color and pattern. Of course, your family photos will look great on any of the styles and I love how you can add a few more photographs on the patterned back of the card. Cute, cute.

I know it seems early, but you know how the holidays whiz past us. Take a look at the MyPublisher holiday cards and see if you can't take care of at least one part of your holiday duties. The design shown on today's post is listed here.

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