Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Beautiful Woodsy Wedding

My super singer friend April Combs Mann was showing me pictures from a wedding she attended last weekend and I was so in awe! I begged her to send me more pictures so I could show them to the world. The wedding was designed and created by April's extremely talented sister Janet Ivas, who is a professional artist and illustrator. The bride is her niece, and is one lucky girl to have such talent on her side of the isle. Janet put this together in about 2 or 3 months, with much of the propping and craft supplies coming from Save On Crafts website. If you don't know about that amazing website, set aside a few hours and take a look at that.

Here are some of the details captured by April. I'm heading back over to Save On Crafts to figure out how she did all that awesome stuff...

I love how she added natural elements like leaves and wood to the delicate lace on the table.

Folks, this is the best fake/dried flower arrangement I've EVER seen! Texture, tone and color...and it never fades or needs water!

A cute detail of the mossy monogram.

Don't you love that cake sign?

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