Thursday, November 1, 2012

Barn Wedding Sneak Peak!

While I wait *patiently* for the official photographs of the barn wedding I helped style in October, I thought I'd put out a few photos of my own to tease you a little. It was a beautiful day for a wedding in the country...
A moss and flower covered monogram looks great on the 100+ year old horse barn.

This sign was created from an old door found in the barn when clearing it out! Miraculously, 6 metal bins fit perfectly within the old horse trough.
This sign was in the front of the house.
Bridal bouquets set to dry after the Big Event.
So much of the original barn "decor" was used.


  1. So fun to see all your fun projects. Good stuff.

  2. You did great with the teasing, Margot, and the decorating as well! ;P With this type of wedding the barn becomes your canvass, right? It’s just all a matter of creativity since most decors are handmade. It’s a good thing, actually. It sets no limitations when it comes to the setting. I love the sign “Happily ever after starts here.” :)


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