Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I pull off a miracle in cookie decorating!

I made some cookies to go with the candy party I'm styling for this upcoming weekend. My baking specialty (if one were to call it that) is that I make good shortbread cut-out cookies. I usually frost them with a white or barely colored glaze on top. If I'm feeling wild, I might add tiny decorative dots of thicker icing around the edges but that's it. I didn't want to mess with the system too much. Until now.

The candy party I'm designing begs for vibrant colors and cookie decorations to look like the candy designs I created for the invitation (below). To add to my anxiety, the cookies need to be on a stick, which I've never done before. I did the baking last night and was pleased that phase one had passed uneventfully. The cookies looked good and round and, most importantly, stuck on the stick.

Today was the part that was making me sweat a little. I made a batch of glaze that was slightly thicker in consistency so that it would flow out but not slide right off the cookie. And I had to put, like, an entire DROP of food color in each bowl of frosting. Usually I'm literally using the tip of a skewer to put the tiniest drop of color into the mix. With colored frosting poured into baggies and a hole cut in the corner, I set to decorating. Holy mother of God, to my great pleasure, they looked EXACTLY as I wanted them to look. I only messed up two of the 14 cookies, which is just fine because I need those to practice inserting them into a cute little paper cup for the final party favors. As my friend April, who is a singer says of the creative high one sometimes gets, "I feel like I'm playing power chords on my guitar!!" Yes, some days are good to me.

Here is a picture of the invitation that is available in my Etsy shop here. The final party photos will be coming along in the next few weeks.

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